Copy open files from command line – Robocopy alternative

Not too long ago we needed to keep two servers in sync (one way sync). We looked around for a command line tool that can copy files that only got modified on a set interval. However we needed that tool to copy open files as well.

Well, GSCopyPro was the tool that we found to meet all of our needs. Not only can it keep folders in sync, but it can actually copy open files as well. It took a lot of research and we evaluated a lot of good tools out there in the market. GSCopyPro was certainly the one the ranked high in our charts from performance standpoint and in terms of the features it offers.  

We highly recommend to look at it in case you need to keep folders in sync (on the same server or across the network) and/or if you wanted to copy open files.

Aside from giving you the option to sync files and folders, it can copy permissions, attributes, create an exact directory tree of a source along with its permissions, mass move and so forth.

Visit their website to get more options or to see if a newer version is released with additional functionality.

The website is

GSCopyPro is a utility that is written to run on server operating systems as well as workstations (32 and 64 bit systems). It supports Windows 2003 and later as far as servers (tested it on windows 2012 and it worked) and as far as workstation, windows vista and later works just fine.



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