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Buy Secure SSL Certficate from

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Hello Everyone,

IT-ETC would like to share this exciting news with everyone. has been launched as its latest addition to focus on Reselling SSL Certificates to the public.

These SSLs are through its Enterprise partner COMODO which is the leader in the SSL industry.

The is a give back project where IT-ETC will make for the first 5 years a low profit margin as a way of contributing to keep websites secure while still being affordable.

We certainly hope this will be a successful project and kindly ask everyone to contribute to make our project a great success by either recommedning us, trying us, or just share ideas with us on how we can be better

Control your email spam and avoid getting viruses via e-mail by using a premium anti-spam service for very affordable price

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Do you receive a lot of spam in you mailbox, have you tried a lot of different software and webservices to get rid of the massive spam email messages and failed, well you do not have to spend¬†top dollars any more to get your inbox back to under control, here is a news release from a webhosting company that offers you spam control service for $10/month per domain (not per mailbox)… read below¬†

OnlineRack Webhosting provider (division or IT-ETC) has gone public with its new state of the art email spam/virus filtering service. Ahmed Amin (Co-founder) of OnlineRack stated that currently processes 44million messages a month for all of IT-ETC clients with filtering rate of 90 to 95% of flagged spam and virus messages. this successful filtering rate has been steady for months. Ahmed Amin also stated that they have complete load balancing and fail over in place. The Spam/Virus filter service is now offered to the public, no contract required and the service fee is only $10 per domain per month. Ahmed Amin stated, this service is priced per domain because we feel it is easier budgeted that way and makes it easy for the client to afford such very much needed service. there is no reason to have to go through 50 to 80 spam messages daily and risk over looking a critical email just because it got deleted by accident. The website OnlineRack has not yet been updated with this great news, however it should be updated in the next few days as launches its new trendy website, However, if you are intrested you may contact or contact even for more info

Honest and independant web hosting review website

Friday, August 10th, 2007

It is very important to search and research web hosting companies before signing up with one. after all it is a service you are receiving from them let alone your data is housed with them. I found web hosting review to be an honest review website on web hosting companies, completely unbiased and straight to the point. check them out.