Goodlink stops syncing contacts on Treo Palm or other PDA devices

If you have a device running Good Messaging (formerly known as GoodLink) and it stops syncing, the first thing to do is make sure you have a data connection by attempting to go out to an internet site (such as from your device. If that doesn’t work, then contact your wireless provider, because your data connection is not available or you have no data coverage where you are. If you can get out to website, you probably just need to reset the Goodlink software.

 Here are instructions for to reset your goodlink software on a treo or a PDA device:

  1. On your wireless device, go into Good Preferences | About Good Mobile Messaging
  2. Type in “debug” without quotes. You will not see the text on the screen as you type, but it will open a hidden command prompt.
  3. When a command prompt window opens, type in “reprov” without quotes and press the enter key.
  4. You will be prompted that this will erase all data from the handheld. This only refers to data synced with the Good software. Type in “yes” without quotes and press the enter key.
  5. Your device will restart and the Good software will resync all of your emails/calendar/contacts/etc.

This usually does the trick and all should work like a charm.

I hope this tip helped you out.

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