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I remember back in the days when I had two or three favorite sites, but nowadays, with so many different topics, gadget news, website deals, and more, it is hard to keep visit all of them more often, this is where RSS comes to the rescue and offer you the ease of keeping up with all the sites in one simple application with highlights of each website… Not all website have RSS capability, but it is becoming more and more common.

There are two main ways to get the RSS feeds, the first way is through a web application (kind of like different Google Reader where you have to have your web browser open and logged in to your Google account, Yahoo, and MSN offer it too) or a desktop application where you can open it up like Microsoft Outlook… I have been through a few RSS readers and found Sharp Reader to be the best one out there due to its simplicity, new RSS notifications, and most of all, stability (the coolest thing, it is FREE).

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