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How to lower cell phone bill

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Keep the services you love while saving up to $300 a year, thanks to these smart tactics.
Most of us are feeling the pinch as our cell phone bills climb higher: For an individual with a service contract, the average monthly tab is a whopping $92, reports J.D. Power and Associates, an information-services firm. While talk time is actually getting cheaper, add-on charges for text and data services — and the fact that most households now have multiple mobile lines — mean that “owning a cell phone is an increasingly large chunk of the monthly budget,” notes Linda Sherry, director of national priorities for Consumer Action, an advocacy group. But it’s a chunk you can whittle down by identifying and eliminating unnecessary (and sometimes sneaky) charges. In fact, the bill-comparison site estimates that the average American who has a single wireless line can save $336 a year; the key lies in finding a plan that better suits how much you talk, text, and Web surf. Here, six strategies that will help you avoid common cell phone money pits and save big on that monthly bill:

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